The Scoutmobile


The Scoutmobile


Camp chairs for everybody who is participating. You can use as many scouts as you like! Characters: Driver 1,2 Passangers: As much as you like.


This skit is both funny and ok with any number of scouts. However, when irritating car sounds, try to have the scouts do it at the same pace. This will help everybody know what to do. Have every scout get a part in the acting. This will have everybody in the fun. The 2 driver (the people at the front) have to be good actors. When it says scout, any person can say that part.


Before the skit, put up the chairs in a 2 chairs per row line. Driver 1: Hey look! its a scoutmobile! Another Scout: Man! I haven't seen these babies in years! Driver 2: Hop in guys! When the scouts get in, they make car sounds like rraaannngg, etc. Well you get the point. Driver 2:Look! It's the scoutmaster! Everyone!: Let's run over him! (car noises) Then... (make noises as if it's a bumpy ride) Driver 1 makes a tight brake sound Driver 1: Yay! We ran over him! (everybody cheers) Scout:Hey look! The new scout troop! Driver 2: Let's get'em! Driver 1: Were going to have to use the turbo guys! Driver 1: Turbo activate!!! (LOUD irritations of a car going) Suddenly, everybody stops and looks at each other while the people at the front look confused. Happens for about 10 seconds. Scout: Hey! What happened? Driver 2: It says game over. (everyone sighs) (pause for about 10-15 seconds) Scout: Anyone have a quarter?


The Unknown Scout


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