The Scout Hike


The Scout Hike


As required: Enough sticks for each child. A boot An artificial pear Ball glove Small tent in bag Plastic steak from pet store A toy stuffed dog Deck of cards One or two celebrity magazines, such as “People”


This skit contributed by: Dave Black, Troop 37, Fairborn, Ohio Place the props on stage in locations convenient to the action.


Introduction: This skit was written for a Cub Scout den, however it can be used with any group of potential hikers, including boy scouts, girl scouts and Brownies. My main point was to create a skit that made it easy for the kids to learn their lines, yet was rich and funny. The scout leader directs most of the dialog. This is essentially a series of gags, so it can be adapted to just about any length, number of actors, or available props. Just add, subtract, or modify the dialogue as needed. Opening scene: A group of Scouts getting ready for an overnight hike. All the props are available on the stage. Scout 1: “That new scout leader of ours sure is strange. Nothing he says makes any sense.” Scout leader (entering): “OK, boys, today we’re going on an overnight hike. The first rule is that we have to stick together.” Scouts pick up sticks and hold them up together. Scout leader: “Hmm. We’ll have to work on that. And when I say ‘Head back,’ what do we do?” Scouts all put their heads back. Scout Leader: “Hmm. OK. I need to find my boots.” Scout 1: (Holding a boot) “Here you are.” Scout Leader: “I can’t use just one boot. I need a pair.” Scout 2: (Holding a pear) “Here you are.” Scout leader: “Never mind. I think we’re ready to go.” (Start hiking in place.) Scout leader: “Look, a robin.” Scout 1: “See what I mean. He sees Robin, but not Batman.” (Other Scouts nod and agree.) (Hike some more.) Scout leader: “Look, a woodchuck.” Scout 2: “Now he’s talking to someone named Chuck. None of us are named Chuck.” (Other Scouts nod and agree.) (Hike some more.) Scout leader: “Look, a deer.” Scout 3: “Now he thinks his wife is with us. He called us ‘Dear’.” (Other Scouts nod and agree.) (Hike some more.) Scout leader: “Look, a bear.” Scout 4: “Now he sees something bare, but we’ve all got our clothes on.” (Other Scouts nod and agree.) (Hike some more.) Scout leader: “Look, a Sycamore.” Scout 5: “Of course we’re not sick any more. We’re all just fine.” (Hike some more. Come to campsite.) Scout leader: “OK Scouts, here’s our campsite. Let’s break for the night.” Scouts break sticks. Scout leader (Pointing to several Scouts.): “You boys start working on the fire,” (Pointing to two other Scouts) “and you boys pitch the tent.” (Several Scouts go to one corner of stage and start working on the fire with the sticks. Scouts 1 and 2 go to other corner of stage to pitch tent.) Scout 4: “Let’s find some firewood.” (Scouts start looking around. Scout 3 finds a small toy dog.) Scout 3 (holding dog): “This must be dogwood.” Scout 4: “How can you tell?” Scout 3: “By the bark.” Meanwhile: Scout 1 puts on ball glove. Scout 2 picks up tent and gets ready to pitch tent to him. Scout leader: “What are you doing?” Scout 1: “[Scout 2] is pitching the tent and I’m catching. You sure know some strange games.” Scout leader: “No, no. I meant to put up the tent.” Scout 1 and Scout 2: “Oh.” (Scout 1 and Scout 2 hold tent over their head.) Scout leader: “No, no, to put up a tent, first you need to stake it to the ground. Somebody get me a stake.” (Scout 3 brings a steak and is leaning.) Scout 3: “Here’s your steak.” Scout leader: “That’s the wrong kind of stake. And why are you leaning like that?” Scout 3: “It’s a lean steak.” Scout leader: “Never mind. Let’s all get back to the fire.” All the Scouts back up all the way to the fire. Scout leader: “What’s the worst kind of firewood?” Scouts: “Ash!” Scout leader (leaning down to the fire): “Does anyone have a match?” Scout 3: (Holding cards ) “I have a pair of queens.” Scout 4: (Holding cards) “I have two kings.” Scout 2: (Holding cards) “I have a full house, deuces over trays.” Scout leader: “Never mind, let’s just look at the stars.” Scouts: Open up “People” magazine (so audience can see cover) and start reading. Scout leader: “Maybe we should just go to bed. It’s been a long day.”


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