The Sap Keeps Runnin'

The Sap Keeps Runnin'

The Sap Keeps Runnin'


8 people,(1 nararator, 2 birds, 4 trees, and the camp director) and 8 long sticks,


Have the 4 "trees" form a line and hold long sticks in each hand and hold them up. Have the 2 "birds" off stage to the side. Put nararator out front to the side.


Nararator: For this Skit, we are going to need a volenteer from the audience. (even if the camp director does not raise his hand pick him anyway. As he comes up, tell him to run around the "trees" and no matter what, keep on runnin around them)  
Nararator: This is the story of camp ???????.(substitute the "?'s" with the camp name.)  
Nararator: Every year here starts out the same. During spring, the trees get greener and the birds come back north for the spring. (birds "fly" over to the other side of the stage.)Then when summer comes around, summer camp starts and the camp is just blooming everywhere with boy scouts of all ages. Then in the fall, the birds start there long journey south for the winter ("birds" fly back over) and the trees start to change color and loose there leaves. The fall camporee even takes place here. In the winter, the trees have lost all there leaves, ("trees" drop sticks but keep there arms up) and the Klondike Derby takes place. Then this whole process repeats it's self every year. But here at camp ?????????? like any other camp, the sap keeps on runnin.


The Sap Keeps Runnin'

The Sap Keeps Runnin' The Sap Keeps Runnin'


Adam Bukosky


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