The REAL New York Minute


The REAL New York Minute


Newspaper Two chairs Four Hoodies Seven boys


Assign Four Gangsters, a News Reporter, a Victim, and a Witness who saw EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Victim must be small and lightweight Give Hoodies to Gangsters Give Newspaper to Witness Set up chairs to resemble Park bench and have witness sit down.


News Guy: We are here in the streets of New York with some surprising footage. Watch as you see the biggest mugging this year!! (Steps aside.) (Victim stands in middle. Gangsters come at him in four different directions and give him a slight bump. Witness reads newspaper through the whole ordeal) Newsman: REWIND!!!!!! (Whole scene is played backwards at a much faster pace so that everyone is at their original spot.) Newsman:Let's see that in slow motion! (Victim stands in middle. Mobsters come at him from four different directions and start to push and shove victim, then walk off. Witness looks over the top of newspaper with a look of surprise while this is going on.) Newsman: REWIND!!!!!!!!! (Scene, once again is played backwards, so that everyone is in original positions.) Newsman: Let's view this in super-slow motion!! (Victim stands in middle. Gangsters walk up, grab victim by shoulders, shake him around, then throw him to the ground. Witness gets up and rushes to check victims pulse.) Newsman: REWIND!!!!!!!!!! (Play Scene backwards so that everyone is in original position.) Newsman: Let's see this in Ultra-Super-Slow-Mode!!!! (Here comes the fun part. Gangsters walk up to victim, grab ankles and wrists, and start swinging him around. Witness gets up and runs around the scene like a madman. Finally, Gangsters end by holding victim upside down, drop him gently and walk away. Witness runs into wall and falls to the ground.) Newsman: REWIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (play scene backwards.) Newsman: And THAT'S a New York Minute!!!


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