The Queen Bee


The Queen Bee


a Bucket of water


Requires 3 people  
Set a bucket of water off to the side.


One person stands infront of everyone.  
Person 1: "Hey, I just though of the best joke. I just need to find someone to play it on."  
Then the second person walks out. Person walks up to him.  
Person 1: "Hey, I just though of the best game, you wanna play?"  
Person 2: "Sure, what is it?"  
Person 1: "It's called the bumble bee game. You will be the queen bee. And I'll be the worker bee. Yopu stand here and flab you wings and buzz, and I'll go off and get you honey, and when I come back, you say, "Let me have it." Okay?"  
Person 2: "Okay."  
The first person then goes off to the side, buzzing, and takes a drink of water, while the second person waits, buuzzing. The first person comes back and looks at the second.  
Person 2: "Let me have it."  
Person 1 then spits the water in Person 2's face, and Person 1 runs off.  
Person 2: "I can't believe I fell for it. I need to find someone I can fool."  
Then a third person walks along.  
The next part can be done as you want. It starts off with Person 2 explaining the game with Person 3, who should try to play it funny. Person 2 goes to get water, and comes back. Person 3 simply looks at him and says nothing. Person 2 spits out the water and tells him he was supposed to say "Let me have it." Person 2 explains it again and tries it, but Person 3 does not say "Let me have it." On the third attempt, when Person 2 goes off, Person 3 goes off too. He finds the water and takes some as well. When Person 2 spits the water out and says, "You were supposed to say Let me have it," Person 3 spits the water at him.


Keith Gillen


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