The Pickpocket Study


The Pickpocket Study


4 people


2 people must be the pickpockets, and must be able to pick up the pickpocketee and flip them over. The pick pockets and pickpocketee start on opposite sides of stage.


The narrator steps on stage and says to the audience, "I have done an extensive study of pickpocketry to create a presentation for you. I have caught on tape a pickpocketing in progress. Let's watch." The PICKPOCKETS and PICKPOCKETEE walk past each other. The narrator yells "Stop! Did you see it? If you didn't, I will show this to you in slow motion." Pickpocket people "rewind". Next, the people walk together in slow motion. But, this time the pickpockets pick up the victim, flip him upside down and shake him, then put him down. The person being pickpocketed is completely unaware that anything happened. Take a bow!


Ferdinand Tretter


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