The Musical Toilet Seat


The Musical Toilet Seat


Anything to sit down on, a toilet seat (Can improvise if needed)


Make sure people have the correct names for the artists & styles of music


Announcer: Come and get your musicial toilet seats! Only (Price) Each!  
1st Person:{walks on} Hi, since I like {Type of music} i want to have a {insert artist of the style}.  
Announcer: Okay, here  
(continue on till the only typ left is Patriotic)  
Last person: Since i like my country, i want a toilet seat that sings the national anthem.  
Announcer: Here  
(person leaves) THE NEXT DAY  
Person: (Very Constipated) Sir, i'd like to eturn the seat.  
Announcer: Why?  
Person: Because whenenver i sit down, the music plays and i have to stand up!


Tyler Solomon


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