The Mummy


The Mummy


Blanket, sleeping bag or sheet.




Needs at least four Scouts, can be done with more to include a whole patrol. One scout is the Mummy, wrapped in the blanket so their face is hidden but can be seen if someone moves a fold of the cloth. A second scout acts as the Narrator, another is the Great Egyptian Explorer, two or three others are his assistants, newscasters, etc. Narrator: Mister (Scout's name), the Great Egyptian Explorer, has discovered this ancient mummy. No one has ever looked on it's face. An ancient curse says that whoever looks on the mummy shall die of fright, because it's so ugly and hideous. The Great Explorer doesn't believe in curses, and will now look upon the mummy for the first time in history. (Explorer approaches the mummy, looks inside the blanket, screams "IT'S HIDEOUS!" and drops dead.) Narrator: Oh my gosh, the Great Explorer is a victim of the curse (etc.)... but his assistant will brave the curse and look on the mummy! (Assistant looks inside blanket, screams "IT'S HIDEOUS!" and drops dead). Repeat this two or three times with different characters such as newscaster, minister, priest etc. Then the narrator selects an unsuspecting victim (usually a leader) from the audience, to "break the awful curse". Victim comes up, looks inside the blanket...the mummy groans "IT'S HIDEOUS" and falls down leaving the victim standing.


Ferdinand Tretter


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