The Movie Soup


The Movie Soup


Five people: a director, a cameraman, and three actors: a soup maker, a male customer, and a paramedic.


Practice the skit.


The cameraman squats down with his back to the audience. The director says, "The Movie Soup; take one." The director makes a clicking noise. Then the director stands next to the cameraman. The soup maker is standing right behind where the director was. Then the customer walks up to the the soup maker and the soup maker says, "Hello. I am making some soup. Would you like to try some?" Then the customer says, "Sure." Then he eats some and says, "This is horrible. I think I will faint." Then he faints. The soup maker calls 911 and says, "911, 911." Then the paramedic (who is over to the left or right, but is still visible) says, "Hello, this is 911 how may I help you today?" Then the soup maker says, "Somebody fainted!" Then the paramedic says, "Oh no, I'll get over there right away." He pretends to drive over. While the paramedic drives, the paramedic says, "We-woo, we-woo, we-woo." Once the paramedic gets over there, the paramedic says, "Oh my gosh, he fainted." Then the soup maker says, "Well, duh." Then the director buts in and says, "That was horrible. This time do it in slow-motion. The Movie Soup; take two." Does the clicking noise again. Then the actors repeat what they said but this time in slow-motion. Then The director buts in again and says, "That was even worse than the last time. This time do it really fast. The Movie Soup; take three." Makes the clicking noise again. Then the actors repeat their lines but this time really fast. Then the director buts in one more time and says, "That was the worst yet. This time do it as an Oprah. The Movie Soup; take four." The actors repeat their lines but this time they sing them. Then the director says, "That's it for today. Good work." Then everyone except the cameraman says, "Hey cameraman did you get that film?" Then the cameraman says, "Film? What film?" The the actors and director chase him off stage.


zach Johnston


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