The Moral of This Story


The Moral of This Story


You need one person wearing an outfit of wild colors, one person wearing a red outfit, one person wearing a blue outfit, one person wearing a yellow outfit and so on. You need as many signs as there are people saying DOOR, and one saying FRONT DOOR. You need 1 box of Trix cereal, 1 box of Frosted Miniwheats, 1 box of Coco Puffs. You need as many bowls and spoons as there are people in your skit. You need as many keys as there are people in your skit, each painted the person’s “color.”


Tape the DOOR signs all around the room.


The Moral of This Story Front door rings. Wild Colors: (opens door) Welcome to the Rainbow Café and Hotel. Are you here to rent a room? Yellow person: It depends. Do you have a completely yellow room? Wild Colors: Yes, we do. We have an assortment of differently colored rooms here in Rainbow Café and Hotel. Yellow person: Then I think I shall stay at this Hotel. Wild Colors: Here is the Yellow room key, enjoy your stay! Yellow person walks to the first ROOM sign and sits down. Front door rings. (Repeat last scene as many times as needed only using the “visitor’s” color and then continue skit.) Have one younger person walk by stating “It’s Morning!” until they reach the other side of stage. All guests come out wearing robes and/or slippers. They sit down on floor or at a table. Wild Colored walks in with the three cereal boxes and sets them down. Then she retrieves the bowls and spoons, which she sets down next to the cereal boxes. Wild Colors: What are you waiting for? (She/he sits down.) Let’s eat! Have one person choose Coco Puffs, two people choose Frosted Miniwheats, and the rest choose Trix. (Hopefully Trix has more than the others!) Make sure each person exaggerates which cereal they chose, and only one person at a time. An adult or den leader comes out and says: What is the moral of this story? More people prefer Trix more then Frosted Miniwheats and Coco Puffs.


Ferdinand Tretter


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