The Misadventures or Shut up and Trouble


The Misadventures or Shut up and Trouble


Only five actors.Shut Up(Main Character),Trouble(Shut Up's Pet)Teacher,Secretary,and the Principal.


(When Shut Up and Trouble arrvives on the stage,she says to the crowd)Hello.My name is Shut Up and this dog's name is Trouble(Trouble should do something)He's such a god dog!I got him three years ago, when we moved to Fiji, which my dad worked as Emperor.(Trouble goes somewhere else so the people cant see him)I hope he likes our new home in(the name of your town/city).Its our first day here and I'm looking forward to attend(any name of a high school).Lets go Trouble(He/She notices the Trouble is gone)Trouble..Trouble..TROUBLE!!!!(to the audience)Have you seen Trouble?(She realizes she's almost late for school)I've gotta to get to school.I'll look for Trouble later.(She runs around unitl she meets the teacher)


Teacher:Hello.Wahts your name?Shut Up:Shut Up.Teacher:Pardon me young lady/man.Say your REAL NAME.Shut Up:Shut up.This is my first day here.Teacher:Oh yeah,I can play that way!Go to the Principals ofice!(Shut Up a bit confused walks to the principals office,where she meets the secretary).Secretary:Name and reason why your here.Shut Up:Shut up.The teacher sent me up here.Secretary:Oh yeah!Nobody talks to Mrs.Joaine Krump!(Press the intercom to the Principal very loud)Principal:Yes,Miss Krump?Secretary:There's a kid who's offending me and wont even talk to me!Prinicipal:Send her in..(with a sigh)(Shut Up goes in and says)Hello Mr. Haginstash.Prinicipal:What's is your name is young lady/man.Shut Up:Shut Up.Prinicipal:I beg your pardon!Shut Up:Shut Up.Prinicipal:Are you looking for trouble young lady/man?Shut Up:In a matter of fact,I am!Have you seen him?


Miguel Pena


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