The Medighoul


The Medighoul


strange looking costume for Medighoul


Have two people waiting off stage, the Medighoul, and a loon. Have a Narrator on one side, and a group of about 5-6 scouts behind him.


Narrator tells a story, and the scouts, Medighoul, and loon act appropriately.  
"One day, at a troop meeting, one of the patrols discussed what they should do. The patrol leader suggested that they go on an overnight. So, they decided to go camping. They each gathered the next day, with all of their gear, and hiked to the camp site. When they got there, it was getting dark. They decided to pitch their tents and go to sleep. Then, from the forest, came a vicious creature, the Medighou! It burbled. And it gurgled. grabbed one of the scouts and dragged him off into the woods. The rest of the scouts woke up. At first, they were sad. They were real sad. But they got over it. Not thinking the creature would come back, and was full, they went back to sleep. But, the Medighoul returned. It burbled. And it gurgled. grabbed another scout and dragged him off into the woods. The scouts woke up. They were sad. They were really sad. But they got over it, because now, they had to get rid of the Medighoul. So, they decided to feed the Medighoul something. A loon. They looked around, and found a wild loon. They then dug a big hole, and put the loon inside. They then went back to sleep, hoping to attack the medighoul when it attacked the loon. Then, out came the Medighoul. It burbled. And then it gurgled. And, it noticed the loon. It was a nice loon. But, the Medighoul found something wrong with it, so he grabbed another scout and dragged him off into the woods. The scouts woke up and found yet another one of their friends gone. The Medighoul had not taken the loon. They needed to figure out some way to make it look better to the Medighoul. The Patrol Leader then got an idea. He THought they should fill the loon with sugar. So they did. They went and found as much sugar as they could and fed it to the loon. After that, they went back to sleep. Later, the Medighoul returned. He burbled. And then he gugled. And then saw the loon. This time, the sugar filled loon was more to his liking. But, as he attacked the loon, the Scouts woke up and attacked the loon. And the moral of this story is....JUST A LOON FULL OF SUGAR HELPS THE MEDIGHOUL GO DOWN."


Keith Gillen


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