The Medicrane


The Medicrane


Log, blanket, several scouts.




The skit begins with a narrator, who will explain the situation. There is a town inhabited by the Village People, played by about six scouts. He explains that the village people are terrorized by a creature called the Medicrane, played by a scout wearing the blanket. Who, at this point, pretends to fly in and take one of the village people, and then the narrator says that the village people are very saddened by the loss of their comrade, but behind his back they are all celebrating and dividing up his imaginary stuff. The narrator explains that to try to finally rid themselves of the Medicrane, they referred to the really big, tall, enormous book of wisdom. Now the village people pretend to open a giant book and find the passage about Medicranes. Then they find out that Medicranes like holes, so they dig a hole and wait for the Medicrane. He flies in and sees the hole, considers it for a second then decides against it, taking one of the village people and leaving. The "grieving process" is repeated and they once again refer to the book, where they find that Medicranes also love loons. One of the village people takes the log and says, "Looks like a log, smells like a log, feels like a log, must be a loon!" and proceeds to put it in the imaginary hole. The Medicrane comes, and the same thing happens. The village people have the same reaction, referring again to the book, and finding out that Medicranes love sugar, so they pretend to sprinkle the loon with sugar. This time, when the Medicrane sees the loon covered in sugar in the hole, he goes for it. Then the village people attack him, ending their struggles with the Medicrane forever. Then the narrator says, "The moral of the story is..." Then the whole cast joins in a line and sings, "Just a loon full of sugar helps the Medicrane go down, Medicrane go down, Medicrane go down," and so on.


Ferdinand Tretter


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