The Mad Scientist


The Mad Scientist


For this skit, you need to have at least four scouts, you can use more but 4 is the minimum. We will call them 1 through 4 for simplicity. 2 chairs.


No1 is The mad scientist 2 is The monster (Egor; should be a bigger scout that can pick up and cary the others) 3 is Salesperson #1 4 is Salesperson #2


-1 opens by saying, "I have invented the greatest thing in the world, with my new magnificent invention I can keep from ever having to pay my bills by just saying three simple phrases to my new invention, Egor.(the whole time Egor is sitting in the background) ~3 (salesperson 1) walks up to the door and makes the act of ringing a doorbell as someone makes the sound of a door bell ringing. -1 Oh bother, what could that be? -3 Hello, sir, I am here to discus a money making opportunity with you. -1 OK, go on. Egor, rise. (needs to be said as if he is trying to be inconspicuous) ~As 1 says, "Egor rise," 2 stands. -3 Well, sir, I have a great home business that would make you up to $20,000 a month. -1 OK, go on. Egor walk. ~2 walks over to where 1 is standing. -3 Well, if you will allow me to come in, I will show you the information I have. -1 No, I think I will take care of you now. Egor kill! ~2 picks up the person at the door and takes him off stage and sets him down then returns to his seat. -1 That was incredible with those three simple phrases I can take care of anyone that would bother me. ~ 2 walks up to the door and continues with the same format used before, you can pick and type of sales person or bill collector for the rest of your scouts to play. ~Now for the ending after the last scout is taken off stage by Egor and Egor is back in his seat, the Mad Scientist returns to center stage. -1 That is great I will never have to pay bills again with my new invention, all I have to do is say, 'Egor rise.' ~2 rises. -1 Egor walk. ~2 Walks to the mad scientist. -1 Egor KILL!! ~2 picks up the scientist and takes him off stage and then returns to his seat. That is the end of the skit, a few things to remember, when Egor picks up a scout and takes them off stage they are supposed to be "dead," so they need to be in complete silence and completely still until the end of the skit. Here are a few suggestions for visitors -Vacuum cleaner salesmen -Water bill collector -Gas bill collector -Insurance salesmen -Car salesman


Unknown Scout


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