The Lone Ranger


The Lone Ranger


None Needed


Very Little, Just know the story and act it out.


The Lone Ranger and Tonto ride into town after chasing bad guys:  
LR "Tonto, I'm hot, dry and tired. Tie up the horses while I go order a Root Beer."  
T "You don't drink Root Beer kemosabe"  
LR "I do today, just do as I said and I'll order the brews"  
Tonto joins the Ranger after a few moments, then a cowboy bursts through the saloon doors dusting himself off:  
1st cowboy " Good grief it's hot and dirty and nasty and is anybody here riding a white horse?"  
LR slamming his glass on the bar "Yeah, I am, what about it?"  
1St cowboy "Well that horse is tied up in direct sun with no air stirring and is about to burn up if he don't get some shade or a breeze soon."  
LR "Tonto, go out and run around Silver and stir up the air so he don't burn up."  
T " OK, kemosabe."  
Tonto runs out side and runs around without stopping waving his arms wildly to stir up the air around Silver  
2nd Cowboy enters the saloon dusting off as the 1st on did  
saying," Good grief it's hot and dusty and nasty out there and is anybody in here riding a white horse?"  
Slamming his glass down hard the Ranger screams, " Yeah, I do, now what's wrong?"  
To which the cowboy explains, "You left your injun runnin'"


John Rhodes


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