The Llama Song


The Llama Song


Llama llama, llama llama  
I ride a ,Ride a llama  
Llama llama, llama llama  
I ride a Ride a llama  
When I was born my parents said I stunk  
So they sent me off to be a Tibetan monk  
Now I'm in the Himalayas meditating all day  
And during the night I've just got to say...  
So where I am now it is very cold  
And I'm gonna shave my head when I become old  
But I find it peaceful levitating in a cloud  
And the avalanches come when I sing real loud...  
Chorus 1x, "Everybody" 1x, "One more time" 1x  


No Actions but tune: "Na-Na Kiss Him Goodbye" for the chorus, verses are the verses from "We Will Rock You"

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WARNING: Do not underestimate the power of this song. It will spread beyond imagination. You have been warned.


David Richins


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