The Living Picture


The Living Picture






The "Painter" of the living picture tells the audience he(she) is a great great in fact that mere canvas is no longer a challenge. Therefore, I am going to paint "A Living Picture". Will Mr. xxx come down? (This is the SM or other good natured person. Like so many skits, this is the person who takes the brunt.)  
Painter: (P) (To audience) Every picture needs a frame!  
(To "frame" loudly so all can hear) You are the frame of the picture.  
(Have the frame walk in a big rectangle covering the entire "stage" area.) Instruct the frame to say "FRAME" loudly and repeatedly while walking the perimeter. )The frame keeps walking and saying FRAME)  
(P): I need volunteer! (select)(Wait til the volunteer is on stage)  
My living picture has a babbling brook. You are the babbling brook.  
(Place the brook in the picture)Instruct the babbling brook to say "BABBLE" loudly .  
Ue this technique for: Weeping Willow, frog, bunny rabbit, sun flower, butterfly...etc.  
Every once in a while "Remind" the frame and others "louder..we can't here you".  
When it's enough...finish by signing your painting. I use a good natured (smaller) scout and use him like a pen to "sign" my name (just holding him by his shoulders..he's on his feet.)  
This can be a real fun skit and you will never lack for volunteers. Use your imagination.


Ferdinand Tretter


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