The Kings' Important Papers


The Kings' Important Papers


several sheets of computer papaer (connected), several sheets of newspaper, several sheets of notebook paper,crown,paper bag,roll of toilet paper.  


put toilet paper in paper bag. put crown on (king).


This skit can be done with a minimum of two people.  
The king stands on stage and yells "Where's my important papers?. I want them now.". A person runs on stage bowing and hands the king the computer paper (the longer the paper the better). The king looks at the paper and gets mad and yells "this is not my important papers I WANT MY IMPORTANT PAPERS NOW!!!!" Another person (or can be the same person) comes out and gives the king the notebook papers. The king looks through each one and throws them in the air. He then yells louder "THESE ARE NOT MY IMPORTANT PAPERS!!!! I WANT MY IMPORTANT PAPERS NOW!!!!!" Another person comes out with the newspaper and hands them to the king. Again the king looks through the papers and throws them around. He then yells at the top of his lungs. "THESE ARE NOT THE PAPERS I AM LOOKING FOR IF MY IMPORTANT PAPERS ARE NOT BROUGHT TO ME THEN HEADS WILL ROLL!!!!!!" The person then brings the paper bag (with the roll of toilet paper inside) and hands it to the king. When the king looks inside he makes a big sigh and says "finaly my most important papers." He then pulls out the toilet paper and walks off stage.


bob zehr


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