The hawk


The hawk


A hawk was flying high above a mountain. With his keen eyes he saw a dead rabbit on a large piece of ice floating with the current on a river far below. Further downstream he could see a steep waterfall. He swooped down and landed on the ice and looked over the food. He glanced downstream to see how far away the waterfall was and decided that he had enough time to rest there standing on the ice before taking off again with his food. He rested there until he was very close to the waterfall’s edge. He went to pick up the rabbit in his claw and fly away to eat the food but he discovered that both claws were frozen to the large chunk of ice. He tried frantically to fly, but he could not free himself from the ice. The hawk went over the waterfall with the large piece of ice and fell to his death.  
Bad habits like smoking, drugs, and alcohol are like this. One may think that they can quit these things at any time, but when they try to quit they discover that they are trapped when it is too late. That is why it is best never to start any bad habits.


Jim Charnock


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