The Happy Gorger


The Happy Gorger


I love to go a-gorging,  
amid great gobs of food.  
And as I do, my abdoman,  
Continues to protrude.  
CHORUS: Calorie, calorah!  
Calorieeee, calorahahahaha, calorie,  
Calorah! My body is obese!  
Italian food, with all its cheese,  
and thick tomatoe paste.  
Always seems to go right through  
to hang around my waist!  
French cuisine inspires me  
To even greater heights.  
A seven-course meal, is quickly gone  
In just a single bite!  
At hot dog stands and burger joints  
I make my power play!  
They bring it in a wheelbarrow  
Instead of on a tray!  
A German meal always seems  
To make my day complete.  
I cannot keep track of all  
The strudel that I eat!  

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To the tune of The Happy Wanderer. The song leader sings each verse and the audience joins in for the chorus


The Unknown Scout


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