The Great tomb of Tomba


The Great tomb of Tomba


Frying pan or big book, blanket,4 scouts, group of youngerscouts.


1) Have one scout lay on the ground with a blanket over him. 2) Bring the younger scouts into another room (or area away). 3) Station scout near blanketed scout, but hidden.


Have one scout go with the younger scouts and tell them something cool is going to happen. When everyone is ready, send one younger scout at a time out to the blanketed scout. Once he gets there, a scout will tell him that "This is the great tomb of Tomba, your friends have tried to wake him up, but he won't wake. Go lean over him and shout, 'Wake up, oh Great Tomb of Tomba!' three times while shaking him." While the younger scout is shaking him, have the hidden scout come up and whack him on the behind. Do this to all the younger scouts.


Ferdinand Tretter


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