The Genie


The Genie


Chair, clipboard, and a piece of paper. A Genie. A Translator. Vitim 1. Vitim 2. Vitim 3. Two guards around genie.


A rehearsal helps and there are no items to prepare, except untying the shoes of the people who get read.


Translator: Get your future read by the genie for free!! Victim 1: For free?! I'll do it! Genie: Ugggulablubb. Translator: Left shoe. Genie :(smells shoe) Ugblberblaebder. Translator: You will grow very wealthy. Victim 1: (Takes shoe and puts it on) Thanks. Victim 2: Cool. Read my future! Genie: Bullikdbjldkse. Translator: Right shoe. Genie: (smells shoe) Fjjsdfksjolkf. Translator: You will marry the prettiest woman in the land of your people! Victim 2: Thanks! Victim 3: This sounds cool. Do mine! Genie: Fksdfjsdkfjsd. Translator: Both shoes. Genie: (smells them) Fdjlkdfjdwpofjsdfjksdfl. Translator: You will go on a long journey. (at this pause the genie hands one shoe each to his two guards and they run on ether side on the next word) Barefoot. Victim 3:(shows choosing one guard and runs off stage after one of the guards) In back of the stage or back in the audience, they give him his shoes and he puts them on.




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