The Foot Fortune Teller


The Foot Fortune Teller


Need People: Foot Doctor, Assistants1,2,3, Three from the audience.


Practice Your lines


Foot Doctor claims he can read fortunes through feet. Calls up three people from the audience. Asks patient #1 to take off their shoe. Rubs foot for a while, calls up assistant 1. Rubs the foot some more and then says "you will have a long, healthy life." Calls up patient #2 and asks them to take their shoe off. Examines the foot for a while, calls up assistant 2, examines some more, then says "you will be rich when you are older." Calls up patient #3 (preferably one of your friends) Rubs foot, examines foot, then says, "Whoa, look at this, ____!" (whoever assistant 3 is) Assistant 3 examines foot,then straightens up, and clears his throat (giving doctor time to sneak away with the shoe) and says "You are going to be taking a long trip very soon." Doctor Waves shoe around a few times and then throws it as far as he can.


Ferdinand Tretter


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