The Farkel Singers


The Farkel Singers


(Chorus) We are the Farkel Singers The Farkel Singers are we If I weren't a Farkel Singer... (Solo) A _________ I would be (Note that all these are written to a beat. Sing em' that way for it to work best!) Singers: A Birdwatcher I would be! Hark, a Lark A-flying through the park-Splat! Plumber: Plunge it! Flush it! Look out below! Carpenter: Bang some nails, saw some wood Cut my finger, it bleeds good! Milk Man: Give Betsy give! The baby's gotta live! Ice Cream Man: (Loud enough to crack their voice) OOSHY-GOOSHY OOSHY-GOOSHY GOOD ICE CREAM! Vandal: Breaking Windows Slashing tires Now lets start a forest fire! Make up your own, capitalizing on local flavors or inside jokes. Ad lib ad infinitum!


Pretty basic. Make them up!

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Although not a participation song, this is most definately an action song. The chorus is sung through in unison to begin, then the first Singer states his alternate occupation and sings his ditty twice through in silence. At the conclusion of his ditty the chorus is sung and the next Singer in line states his job and sins his ditty twice, but continues while the first sings his through twice. Stop, chorus and next singer until all are singing at once. The synchopated dittys and foot stomping rythm are sure to get the crowd involved.


Ferdinand Tretter


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