The Enlarging Machine


The Enlarging Machine


-Large and small things (example:Towel and washcloth/ cheerio and innertube) -Water -Sign that says "the enlarging machine" -blanket or sheet




2 people need to hold up the blanket and a person needs to be behind it. An audience member comes up and hold the sign and sits in front of the "machine". People come by with assorted small things such as washcloths or a small ball. They throw it over the blanket. The person behind the blanket will throw back a towel or a large ball. Have the people come by and act amazed by the "machine". Continue this for a while. Then someone comes along and doesn't have anything, so they spit. Then the person behind the blanket dumps water on the person holding the sign. (you can also have the person holding the sign know what's going on. The audience still cracks up!!


Ferdinand Tretter


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