The Enlarging Machine


The Enlarging Machine


For this skit you will need a large tarp, a small stick, a large log, a small rock, a large rock, a bucket of water, and anything else you would like to add if you have a large and a small version of the item.


Hang the tarp in the middle of the area where you will be performing the skit.(Best if two scouts hold it up.) Place all large versions of the items you will be enlarging behind the tarp so nobody can see them, including the bucket of water. Have members of your troop or patrol each have one of the small items in there hands, save one scout without anything in his hand. One other scout will be the evil inventor of the enlarging machine.


Start out the skit as the mad inventor introduce himself and what his invention is. Have the scouts with the items walk by one at a time and ask if the can enlarge their items. The doctor will go to the side of the machine where the items will come out. Have the scouts throw their objects into the machine one at a time. HAve a scout inside the machine(behind the tarp) throw out he large version of the object. Once the last object goes in and is being enlarged, have the last scout walk by not knowing what the machine is and spit into it. The scout behind the tarp throws the bucket of water on to the scientist, and he becomes drenched.


Ferdinand Tretter


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