The Eagle and the Chickens


The Eagle and the Chickens


The eagle and the prarie chickens-  
There once was an indian brave that was walking down the trail when he discovered an eagles egg had fallen out of it's nest. He looked up and saw that the nest was too high for him to return the egg. So he placed the egg in a nearby prarie chickens nest. When the egg finaly hatched the little eagle thought he was a pririe chicken. Prarie chickens dont fly very far and they stay on the ground and they eat only worms and grubs. So as the eagle grew up he ate nothing but worms and grubs. One day he looked up in the sky and saw some eagles soaring high above. He asked one of the prarie chickens "How can they fly up their while we are down here eating worms and grubs?"  
The prarie chicken answered "They are the eagles, they can do that but we must stay down here."  
So the eagle spent the rest of his life flying very little and eating worms and grubs just because some prarie chicken told him he had to.  
The moral of the story is that if realy want to do or become something in your life listen to your heart and try don't just listen to the prarie chickens.


Shawn Lowing


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