The Dam Tour


The Dam Tour


Suitable background scenery on posterboard for  
sign and stairs, chair, table,telephone, other effects could be used too.


7 to ? scouts well rehearsed, and loud enough for the audience to hear.


Boy acting as tour guide (TGuide) sits at table near phone,  
?????? Dam Tour Dept. sign behind him.  
Phone rings and he answers.  
TGuide Hello this is the dam tour dept.  
Yes we can give you information on our dam tours.  
If you have any dam questions we would be glad to  
answer them.  
The dam tour starts at the dam door up the dam stairs.  
Next scene has ?????? Dam Tour sign over stairs,can be simple posterboard, in background.  
Rest of boys in group act like they are climbing stairs.  
1BS That's a lot of dam stairs to climb for this dam tour.  
2BS Yeah this dam - well - better be worth it.  
3BS Hey I want to go to the dam gift shop.  
(At top of stairs one of the boys pretends to knock on door)  
TGuide Hi! You must be the dam tour group.  
We think you'll enjoy your dam time today  
at our dam facilities.  
First let me give each of you your dam tour pass.  
4BS This dam thing won't stay on it keeps falling off.  
Could I have another one of those dam passes?  
TGuide Ok, here's another dam pass and here's a dam pin to  
help keep it on. (could be a special pin)  
3BS Mr. where is the dam gift shop? (other guys push him  
to the side.)  
TGuide As we go on our dam tour, remember please don't  
touch any dam buttons you might see.  
Just remember our dam motto - dam safe - dam sure.  
Now let's go up to the dam viewing area.  
(Climb more stairs)  
TGuide As you can see we are dam high right now and I  
would advise you not to hang on the dam rails.  
1BS Hey! Who are those guys over there?  
TGuide If you look down there on the side you'll see  
some of our dam workers, they are the best dam  
workers you will ever see.  
They make sure the dam water at ????? dam is the  
best dam water there is.  
3BS Mister, where is the dam gift shop? (Boys push him)  
TGuide Now let's go down to the dam foundation to see how  
all this dam water is held back.  
(Walk down a lot of stairs, one boy sees a button, looks at audience, smiles, than pushes button, than keeps walking.)  
TGuide On the other side of this dam wall stands millions  
of gallons of dam water.  
We have many dam safeguards to insure the dam's  
We also have many dam alarms to warn us of any dam  
Here at the dam basin we can control the dam water  
output into the dam river.  
2BS Are there any fish in here?  
TGuide Sure are! There's lots of dam fish in here.  
The dam water attracts them with its dam  
The dam fish get pretty big too.  
4BS Wow look at that bird, it sure is big!!  
TGuide That's our dam osprey, it's like an eagle, and it  
likes to nest in the dam heights, and likes to  
eat the dam fish too.  
Now looking up you can see the dam supports.  
(An alarm sounds and everyone acts scared)  
WorkerBS Hey you dam tour people, you better get out  
of here. Someone pressed the dam button that  
releases the dam water into the dam basin - and -  
now it's stuck.  
3BS Gee, I wanted to go to the dam gift shop.  
TGuide Quick run up the dam stairs before the dam water  
reaches us.  
(Run up stairs, at top everyone stops and acts breathless.)  
4BS Hey you know this was the best dam tour we were  
ever on.  
(Everyone nods in agreement.)  


Sean Higgins


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