The Candy Store


The Candy Store


We use two boxes with the word "Nerds" written on them like the actual candy. We changed the traditional "suckers" version, because most of our younger scouts didn't know how the term "suckers" used to be commonly be applied - but Nerds is pretty basic in their vocabulary and got instant laughs.


3 or more scouts, 1 scout shopkeeper and two unsuspecting volunteers. If you use the boxes, have them tipped over so the words don't show until your volunteers are chosen, then have them step into the boxes, tipping the boxes up so the audience sees the labels and knows what's coming. The volunteers are usually expecting the typical sucker gab when they first come up. Have the shopkeeper stand next to the volunteers and have the remaining shopper scouts come up one at a time.


Each scout helping with the skit files in one at a time and asks for any kind of candy. Scout1 - walks up to shopkeeper: "Do you have any Chocolate Bars?" Shopkeeper: (looking around) "No, sorry, I don't have any of those." Scout 2: - walks up to shopkeeper: "Do you have any Sweet Tarts?" Shop keeper: (look around again) "No, sorry, I expect to get some anytime now." (The above process is repeated for each shopper scout, up to the last one, each time the shopkeeper apologizes for not having the candy. Finally, the last shopper Scout comes in.) Last Scout: - walks up to table: "Do you have any Suckers?" Shop keeper: (Slowly looks at the volunteers, but then turns back and says "Sorry, I just don't have any of those today." Last Scout - very frustrated by now says: "I have seen all kinds of people come in here. They ask for candy, and you don't have it! What kind of a candy shop is this anyway? Do you have ANY candy?" Shopkeeper - Grinning, says "Yeah, I've got a couple of boxes of Nerds" and then points to the volunteers.


Bob Carr


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