The Burning Car Skit


The Burning Car Skit


4 buckets  
And 6 scouts and 4 volunteers.  
two cups filled with water


Set up the four buckets like seats in a car. Fill one of the front buckets sort of half full of water. Have two scouts be the driver and passenger and 4 other scouts be volunteers  
Give the two back tires the two cups filled with water and they should curl up to hide them. All the tires should curl up so nothing looks suspicious.


Alright, have the passenger and driver be driving to scout camp. Have them pick up two volunteers as passengers to take with them. While on their trip they have to have a Japenese Fire drill. That's where everyone has to run around  
the car. Well, they get back in and a front tire breaks down. And then they get a volunteer to be the patch to the front tire. Then, they have another Japenese Fire Drill and they get back in and start going to camp again. Well, the other tire breaks down and you must get another volunteer patch. After that they have a Chinenese fire drill and when they get back to the car they realize that the car really is on fire. So, the driver picks up his bucket and splashes the patches to get them to not go on fire. (They are never really ever on fire!) The front wheels roll out of place so that they don't get wet! Now, while the back passengers start laughing at the front patches the two back wheels pop up and pour water on their heads!!!!!!!!! It's really funny!!!  
The flaming arrow patrol from Troop 725 in DeLand,FL made this skit up from scratch. I am one of those members of the patrol.


Bryant Manning


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