The Broken Chainsaw


The Broken Chainsaw


a fake chainsaw


3 scouts, 1 customer, 1 store manager, one narrator.


Scout goes into "sporting goods store" and tells the "manager" "I need to cut down some trees, but my hack saw is so slow. Do you have another saw that works better?" "Yes I do, I have this chainsaw that will cut down four to six trees in an hour. Why don't you try it?" Narrator: Three days later Scout comes back to sporting goods store to complain: "You said this saw would cut down four to six trees in an hour?!" "Why, Yes I did!" "I just spent three days cutting down one tree! This saw isn't good for anything!" Store Manager: Let me see that (Pretends to pull the cord, makes a "chain saw noise" Scout: "What was that noise?!?"


Ferdinand Tretter


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