The Birdie Song


The Birdie Song


(softly) all the little birds lay down in their nest for a good nights rest. Shhhhhhhh. (loud) YOU'LL WAKE THE STUPID BIRDS. (NORMAL) wellllll,(fast) up comes the sun, the dew goes away. Good morning, Good morning, the little birds say. Tweet,Tweet, Tweet,Tweet. Welllll. out comes the farmer with shotgun in hand, (Imitate shot gun shoting in air)BOOM,BOOM, BOOM,BOOM is Heard Through The land. one birdie falls with one broken wing. (stamp foot on ground with word)STOMP,STOMP STOMP,STOMP. Now no birdies sing.

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it may seem girly at the start but read the finish and see why its boyish


Ferdinand Tretter


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