The Bear Song


The Bear Song


The other day I met a bear Up in the woods Away up there. He stared at me I stared at him. He sized up me I sized up him. He said to me "Why don't you run? I see you ain't Got any gun." And so I ran Away from there But right behind Me was that bear. Now in the woods There was this tree The biggest tree Oh Lordy Me. The nearest branch Was 10 feet up. I had to jump And press my luck. And so I jumped Into the air But missed that branch By a little hair. Now don't you fret. Now don't you frown. Cause I caught that branch On the way back down. The moral of This story is Don't run from bears In tennis shoes. That's all there is There ain't no more Unless I meet That bear once more.

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Leader says a line and then the audience repeats it. After 4lines are sung, Everyone sings the 4 lines together.


David Turner


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