The Bear and the One man tent


The Bear and the One man tent


a tarp,blanket, or small tent'


Four scouts are needed


Two boys hiking Boy One"I guess We're gonna have to set up the tent" Relizes tent isn't big enough Boy One"Darn it i brought the one man tent" Boy two "Oh let's rock,paper,sissors to see who gets to sleep in the tent" Boy One wins boy two 'okay i'll sleep out side" Boys fall asleep boy three comes in and shakes boy two, boy two"Aaaaaah get it off get it off" boy one " whats the matter with you" boy two " there was a bear " boy one " yeah right and i'm a unicorn go back to sleep" boy two "okay, but if it happens again i can sleep in the tent right " boy one " okay " boys go back to sleep boy four shakes boy two boy two " ahhh its happening again" Boy one " fine get in the tent" boy three " i think the guy out side has had enough lets get the guy inside the tent " boy Four " yeah lets do it" boy three and boy four shake boy two boy two " it's still happening "boy one "then saty out here with me " boy two gets out of tent boy cant help but stay awake both boy three and four come back boy one and boy two run off screaming boy one "You were right"


The Unknown Scout


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