The Badger song


The Badger song


Badger two badger badger three lets all climb the badger tree! (rant rant ra, rant rant ra, rant rant rant rant rant rant ra!) Badger four badger five lets all do the badger jive! repeat parenthesis Badger six badger seven lets all go to badger heaven! repeat parenthesis Badger eight badger nine, oh wait its badger time! Go badgers! Go badgers! Go badgers!


first time one person then next everyone. first line make your hands like claws and make aclimbing motion with your hands. second put your hands together like fists and move your arms in a circular motion. third put hands flat together like when your sleeping and move it to each side of the face. on the last line the second or any movements you may want to use.

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cubscouts love it!!!


Jesse Easley


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