The Archer


The Archer


2 scouts with good acting skills, and a narrator


Have the narrator explain that... We have William Tell here and he is going to give a demonstration on his archery skills.... He is by the way the best archer in the country and that no one can deny it!  
William tell then goes over to the other scout and places him 10 or so feet away from him and takes what appears like a large apple and puts it on his head. Then he walks back 10 or 20 feet and starts to draw his bow and arrow back... Then stops before shooting... He walks over to the other person he put the apple on and takes off the large apple and then appears to put a smaller apple on his head. Goes back to his position and does the exact same thing. (Doesn't shoot) Now he goes back to the other scout and puts what looks like a small apple on the guys head. Then goes back... Draws the bow and arrow and shoots. The scout who has the apple on his head acts like the arrow hit him in the forehead... Falls down and passes away very dramatically. William Tell walks over there and looks very disturbed... Then shrugs his shoulder and picks up the apple and takes a bite of the apple and walks away.


Tom Clark


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