The Amoeba


The Amoeba


Several junk food items and their containers such as soda bottles(one empty, one full), cookies and their boxes, etc; tarp; apple; clean underwear; 5 scouts.


3 scouts get under the tarp (amoeba) with the garbage in a pile outside the tarp. (Boys 1-3. 2 scouts outside tarp are boys 4-5.)


BOY 4: "On a recent outing we found this GIANT AMOEBA! We discovered that it LOVES junk food and we are going to show you what it can do!" (Boy 4 hands first food item to boy 5 who "feeds" it to the amoeba. boys 1-3 make funny noises for a few seconds and end boy "spits" the food's garbage out the back end.) BOY 4: "Isn't that amazing?" (Repeat with remaining foods.) BOY 4: "Now there's ONE THING you have to remember about the amoeba: it absolutely HATES HEALTH FOOD! NEVER feed it ANYTHING healthy!" (While this is going on, boy 5 makes a show out of feeding the amoeba an apple. He gets suddenly sucked in like the food). BOY 4: "NO!!!" (Tries to rescue him but isn't successful. This part should be noisy.) (Underwear gets spit out the back end of the amoeba and all is quiet.) BOY 4: Never tempt the amoeba."



Amoeba Amoeba


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