Texas goulash


Texas goulash


2 can diced tomato/green chile pepper  
1 can red kidney beans (drained)  
1 can tomato sauce  
1 package of large elbo macaroni  
1 lb of ground turkey, beef, or other meat  
1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Cayenne red pepper  
Ketchup if desired  
1 large onion-diced  
Optional-fresh diced hot peppers  


Skillet to brown meat etc  
Large pot for macaroni  
Spoons for stirring  
large colander to drain macaroni  
two Scouts


Put water in pot and bring to boil, THEN add macaroni and boil until a piece tastes like it is cooked (not starchy), then drain the water off.  
At the same time in a skillet- brown the meat and then add the tomatoes, pepper, beans,onion, etc. (it is a good idea to have it ready to dump in). Mix well in the skillet and heat a few minutes to get hot and then add to the pot of drained macaroni. Stir it up good and it will usually feed the entire patrol and a hungry leader or two. Add more or less ingredients to suit.


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We sometimes vary the recipe depending on season and what leftovers may be available from lunch. Change the quantity according to how many you are feeding. This does not take long to fix and feeds 6 to 8 easily depending on appetite.


Jack and Roper Spinks


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