Teachers Pet


Teachers Pet


Bag of raisins, 7 chairs


7 scouts,


seven scouts sit in chairs lined in a row. the scout in the last chair has the raisins. As he walks up the scout in front of him calls him over saying (hey man i need to tell you sominthing. TEACHERS PET!!!) then as he walks the 5 scout looks behind him and says ( hey i learned this from big daddy) then throughs a small log out in front of the scout walking. the scout walking trips over the log, gets back up and everyone exclaims (TEACHERS PET) 5 times. when he finally gets to the teacher he says in a dorky voice ( teacher i have some raisins for you ) teacher says ( why thank you you may know sit down Ustace). narrorator- two days have passed). Teacher says ( Ustace dont you have anything for me today. Ustace says (no teacher my bunny died).


Maynard Ferguson


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