Taco Stew


Taco Stew


1 pound hamburger  <br>1 package taco seasoning  <br>1 16 oz can of Corn (not cream style)  <br>1 10 oz can of Rotel  <br>1 bag of Taco Chips


Big Pot  <br>Big Spoon  <br>Can opener  <br>


Brown meat in pot, drain grease  <br>Add taco seasoning and coat hamburger  <br>Add corn & rotel  <br>Stir and heat up, Serve over Taco chips when hot.  <br>  <br>* For every pound of hamburger double the ingredients except for the taco seasoning. 1 package of taco seasoning will season up to 2 pounds of hamburger.  <br>  <br>


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When we have a large turnout we chop up new potatos and add as well as some chopped green beans or black beans.  <br>  <br>It is quick 10 minutes or less from start to finish.  <br>  <br>Sometimes we put the chips in an individual bag and serve like frito pie.  <br>  <br>Jalepenos added as desired :-)


Ken Faris


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