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Cyrus Ray Hoorfar TROOP: 1042 NUMBER OF YEARS IN SCOUTING: Cyrus joined scouts in March of 1998, and has been an active member of the troop for 5 ½ years. LEADERSHIP POSITIONS HELD IN TROOP: Cyrus has served his troop in the following positions of leadership: Patrol Leader, Quartermaster (3 times). NUMBER OF MERIT BADGES AND/OR SKILL AWARDS EARNED: Cyrus has earned 37 merit badges. His Totin Chip and the World Conservation Award. SPECIAL SCOUTING HONORS: Cyrus earned the Snorkling BSA Award, the Arrow of Light, Scouting Spirit Awards, Foxman, and Brave in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF EAGLE PROJECT: Cyrus’s eagle project was to supervise scouts who installed railroad ties to extend the parking lot at Oakwood Baptist Church.


Ferdinand Tretter


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