Sweet and sour meatballs


Sweet and sour meatballs


2-3 eggs Bread crumbs Ketchup (approx. 2 tbsp) Spices (I use garlic powder, onion powder, oregano and basil) Salt Pepper 2 lbs ground beef 1 26 oz. tomato sauce 2 15 oz. tomato sauce (this is your "sour" 2 cans jellied cranberry sauce (this is your "sweet" Instant rice(enough for approx 2 "servings per person)


1 8-quart cooking pot 1 2-3 quart cooking pot (or larger) 2 large spoons Whisk Mixing bowl Ladle Stove


Beat eggs, ketchup, spices in mixing bowl until eggs well-beaten. Add ground beef and work with hands until mixed. Add bread crumbs to this until meat sticks together well. Shape meat into balls about 2" across and place in large cooking pot. Add tomato sauce and cranberry sauce. cook over low to medium heat for about 1-1½ hours, stirring somewhat frequently. With about ½ hour to go, begin cooking rice per box instructions. (You need to allow for time to get the water boiling, the rice usually only takes about 5 minutes to cook once the water is boiling). Serve meatballs and sauce over rice


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This is a great stick-to-your-ribs meal that has gotten raves whenever I've prepared it. I haven't tried it over a fire but have a feeling it would work as long it is watched closely so as not to burn the sauce.


Maynard Ferguson


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