Supersonic Spit


Supersonic Spit


Two Scouts, a mug or cup, and something to make a 'plink' sound with. (knife, etc.)


Know what to do. Hide the 'plinker' in one scout's hand, and have him hold the mug.


One scout walks up to his friend and says= Scout 1: Hey man, check this out, I've been working on it for a long time. I call it the 'supersonic spit'. Scout 2: Okay. --Scout 1 pretends to spit at scout 2, and scout 2 pretends to catch it instantly, while at the same time, making the plink sound. Repeat with the Slow spit, the sidewinder, etc; Whatever. Then.... Scout 1: Okay, this one i've been working on all my life; I call it the Ultra Super Mega-High spit.... (Make up stuff) (He pretends to spit upwards, and they stand there for a minute looking for it.) Scout 2: I don't see it. Scout 1: Is that it? scout 2: No, that's a bird. Scout 1: There it is! Scout 2: No, that's a horsefly. Scout 1: Where is it? Scout 2: Oh well....... (They walk off) Later, near the end of the campfire, they run up, and Scout 2 pretends to catch the spit falling from the sky.


Ferdinand Tretter


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