Superbowl Campout


Superbowl Campout


7 Football jerseys (for the kids), two for the adults, 7 Sticks with marshmallows to pretend cook them over a campfire (pretend campfire), face paint to put black lines under their eyes and a fake mustache for myself, wig for me.


Football shirts, face paint under the scouts eyes. Pretend campfire. Prepare to pretend cooking marshmellows over a campfire.


Scout 1: “I can’t believe the cub master has us camping during the super bowl!” Scout 2: “Yeah, I think he is trying to earn the coveted cub scout knot with a “half twist” or something.” Scout 3: “ I have never missed a super bowl, ever!” Scout 4: “You can watch it in my tent. My Daddy has satellite.” Scout 5: “Maybe they will call it off and send us home.” Scout 6: No way! Remember the October campout. Ten inches of rain. The cub master added an additional day because of the rain. Scout 7: Yeah, he said it would make a man out of us and grow hair on our chest. --------------- Scout 1 again: Who do think will win? Scout 2: New England. They always win. Scout 3: Brady is my favorite quarterback. Scout 4: My favorite is Favre. The “Iron Man”. How about you? Scout 5: I like Brian Urlacher. Scout 6: He’s a linebacker, you don’t know anything about football. How about you? Scout 7: I hate football. But my Daddy likes Eli Manning of the Colts. Denmaster: “Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning! You know, the 6’5’ 230 lb quarterback, laser, Rocket Arm. 2 Time MVP and Super bowl MVP a year ago!” All Scouts: (Wave at me in disgust) “Ah, never heard of him.” Scout 2: Lets go watch it on satellite.” (Scouts walk away from the fire).


Mike Lofton


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