piece of paper, 5 chairs, a pen


set up 4 chairs lined up together, then one chair a couple feet away


Characters: Father, Doctor, Son  
The son is sitting on the one chair.  
The Father is laying on the lined up chairs. The doctor pretends to open a door then he stands a couple feet away from the chairs. The father puts his hands across his throat like he is suffocating. The doctor asks, "what, do you need something to drink?!" The father shakes his head no. "Do you need medicine?" He shakes his head. The father pretends to write on something. "You want pen and paper?" The father frantically nods his head yes. The doctor gives him a pen and paper and he writes on it. Then the father pretends to die. the doctor takes the note and folds it, then steps outside and gives the note to the son. The son opens it and reads aloud: "You're stepping on my oxygen supply!" The son then chases the doctor offstage.


Cameron Gaut


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