Suckers on a Line


Suckers on a Line


Piece of rope 10-15 feet long


1 member off-stage, 2-4 others on-stage  
1 end of rope tied to chair or something up off floor.


On-stage members gather volunteers from audience (usually adult leaders, staffers, parents, etc.) to help hold rope up off floor.  
When the rope is filled with volunteers, the off-stage member makes a phone ringing sound effect, and a previuosly designated on-stage member "answers" the phone. The following is the "telephone" conversation.  
Off-stage member, "Hi, how are you? What are you doing today?"  
On-stage player, "Not much, I just got back from fishing."  
Off-stage, "Oh, did you catch anything?"  
On-stage, "Not much, I just got some suckers on my line."  


Dave Windisch


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