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About 7 scouts in a sraght line facing the same way. Captain- The enemy is in sight FIRE topedo number 1! the scouts in line say Fire torpedo number 1 any way they want until the last scout. Last scout- How you do dat? saying goes up to the captain Captain- Press the (realy any well known color) Last scout motions to press the whatever color button and makes a boop sound. Captain- Ahhhhhhh you imbisile you missed(a few second pass) lucky for you the enemy is in sight again. Do this about 2 or 3 times and when the last scout misses the last timethe captain says. Captain-you missed for the last time!(motions a gun to his head and commits suicide). all the scouts do this but make sure it looks real when you fall. Last scout- How you do dat?


The Unknown Scout


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