This is a good skit to involve lots of Scouts - I will use five as I explain it, but you could use as many as you want.  
The Scouts line up one behind the other, as if they are squished in a small submarine. The Scout in front is the captain. The Scout in back is dressed shabbily (crooked cap, shirt untucked, etc.)  
Captain: AAAOOOGGGAA!! AAAOOOGGAA!! Enemy ships sighted - Dive the Boat!  
Scout behind captain repeats this line to the scout behind him. (Each Scout can add his own twist - one might have a chinese accent, one might yell loudly, one might speak like Egor, etc) When the message gets to the last Scout, he turns to tell the person behind him, and, finding no one there, scratches his head and says in the dumbest voice he can muster, "DUUH! I don' know how!"  
The person in front of him passes the message back to the captain, with the message passing through each person again.  
Captain:(frustrated) Push ze RED button!  
(Message gets passed back)  
Scout in Back: Oh, Okay. (pushes imaginary button)  
(Scouts tip forward as boat dives)  
Captain: Up Periscope!!  
(message passed to scout in back)  
Scout in Back: "DUUH! I don' know how!"  
(message passed forward)  
Captain: (more frustrated) Push ze BLUE button!"  
(message passed back)  
Scout in Back: Oh, Okay. (pushes imaginary button)  
Skit continues as captain orders 'Fire Torpedo!' Scout in Back doesnt know how, so by the time the torpedo is fired, they miss their target.)  
Captain orders second torpedo to be fired (stressing that this is their last chance to save face in the navy.) Same thing happens, and they miss their target.  
Captain: Vee have lost all honor. Zere is only von sing to do. Vee must shoot ourselves. (Shoots self with gun) Next in line picks up the gun and does the same... when it gets to Scout in Back, he points the gun and scratches his head in bewilderment, "DUUH. I don' know how!"



Submarine Submarine


Maynard Ferguson


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