Stockpot with comstock


Stockpot with comstock


Celery long ways in the kettel bottom gravey rack pork roast beef roast onions scallons sweet pepper tomatoes,paste,or ragu corn peas green beans few scrambled eggs sprinkle some parsley,lettece,greens,seasoning alspice,curry,fennel,anise,thyme,paprika pepper,white and black cyanne teragon corriander. Let cook simmer,for several h.r.s. outdoors stir now and then add potatoes if required,place cooling rack on the picknic table to set the kettel on add water to cover the ingrediants,cook til soup,continue stew then rue with milk and bisquick flower, ladde in bowls to cool a minute,then serve


Kettel 1-2 gallons -how many days and frying pans,stove 2 burner windsheld bonnet over the stove,a cooling rack for the hot kettel paper plates disposable utinsiles.  <br>


To last some time add 1cup applecider viniger tablesp of salt to blend with 1/2cup ofsugar let simmer.To bar.b.que,add molassas,syurp,then b.b.q. sauce, serve stew in a laddeled flowerette of lettice greens  <br>


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Any leafy,root vegetable cooked simmered in water,makes good all day snacks,tupperwear container for the soups next meal outdoors.  <br>


James Sewning Sr


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