Sticky eggs


Sticky eggs


salt, pepper , hot sauce maybe a little parmesan cheese


Any number of eggs can be cooked with this recipe. Utensils needed are several rocks the same height, matching number of sweet sticks (maple, apple, etc) one eightth to one quater inch in diameter and about 6 to 8 inches long. sharp pointed knife


sharpen the sticks on one end. n carefully drill a hole in the small end of the egg about the same size of the stick to be used. Place the big end of the egg on a flat surface and carefully punch the stick through the egg. Prop each end of the stick on rocks or any other support and place near but not over the coals. Cook until the escaping part of the egg is done or until done to individual taste. Remove from fire and season to taste.


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Be ready to loose some eggs at first. However this is a great way to teach scouts that they don't need a kitchen to cook. Good utinsiless cooking method also


Dennis Sisco


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